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What You Should Know About These Famous Paintings It’s hard to put a price on art. An honest price for a painting would be the cost of supplies plus a hourly rate comparable to what other skilled workers earn. However, it doesn’t work like that. It is really hard to explain why some art is sold for a lot of money and other art is valued much (at least monetarily valued much). And when I say some art fetches huge prices, that is not an exaggeration. Read up on three outrageously priced paintings. ‘The Card Players’ is a painting by an artist named Paul Cezanne. It is a painting that depicts two men sitting at a table playing cards. Both of the gentlemen are sporting hats while one puffs a way on a corn-cob pipe. The colors are a mix of browns, greys, deep oranges and deep reds. Art is subjective and so are the feelings that it elicits but I would describe the mood of the painting as somber. But the painting made someone very happy and that someone gladly paid nearly 260 million for the famous painting. Jackson Pollock created a painting and rather than give it a name he gave it a number: 5. If I someone asked me what the painting was a picture of, I would have to tell thing nothing. It is an abstract that consists of thousands of paint drizzles in different colors. Some have said that the painting reminds them of a bird’s nests the way the drizzles crisscross each other. Even though the picture is just paint drizzles, it is really remarkable. I guess that what makes art so special. Someone thought this painting was special enough to pay 140 million for it.
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There is a mega famous painting of a woman titled ‘Woman III’. The face has been described by many as grotesque. Many of the woman’s features are fuzzy. But a huge nose with big, asymmetrical, misshapen eyes is very prominent. ‘Woman III’ belongs in a series by artist William Kooning that all focused on women. However woman III is by far the most popular. This painting came with a 137 million dollar price tag.
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Many of the artists whose paintings sell for outrages prices never lived long enough to see their work be appreciated as is often the case with works of art. Van Gogh, one of the most famous painters in the whole world only sold one painting while he was still living. And to know that makes things a little bitter sweet.

Ayahuasca Spirit Of The Sacred Vine

Ayahuasca is not a recreational drug for the native cultures that have been using it for as long as anyone can remember. It is as much a sacred spiritual element in their lives as are Holy Communion wafers and sacramental wine within the Christian religion. Except that the spirit with which drinkers of this herbal tea commune is an elemental being that is the essence of this magical plant. Instead of a priest, the shaman who leads an ayahuasca ceremony is known as an ayahuascero.

If it seems strange to think of spiritual beings residing in plants, consider the amazing story of the Findhorn community in the north of Scotland. Residents of Findhorn were able to grow lush gardens of huge vegetables and even tropical plants under impossible conditions: poor, sandy soil, cold temperatures and a shortage of sunlight. They attributed their horticultural success on their contact with plant divas: elemental beings that were the spirits of the plants.

So also do the Hopi Indians of Arizona successfully grow corn with very little water, with the help of Kachinas, plant spirits that are a part of their spiritual traditions. Once again we see a direct parallel to the usage of ayahuasca in South American cultures.

Those who drink the beverage refer to its spirit as a gatekeeper who allows participants into a different dimension, a realm that seems to be a different world from the three dimensional one of normal human activity. It is said that Amazonian shamans who, with the help of the ayahuasca vine, travel into these spiritual worlds, they are able to cure illnesses, both physical and mental. A reporter, Kira Salak, writing for the magazine National Geographic Adventure, in March 2006 reported that her depression was cured by taking ayahuasca. She said there is a long list of documented cures associated with drinking the brew, including cocaine addiction and metastasized colorectal cancer, and that this medicinal tea has been proven safe and not addictive to drink.

Some other western authors who have written about ayahuasca are Wade Davis, author of The Serpent and the Rainbow, and Terence McKenna, author of Invisible Landscapes. It is believed that Paul Simon’s song, Spirit Voices, is based on his ayahuasca experiences in the Amazon.

Many different blends of tea are brewed using various ethnobotanical ingredients, but the common element is the ayahuasca vine, Banisteriopsis caapi. Some plants with which the vine is often blended with are Psychotria viridis and Diplopterys cabrerana.

In Ecuador and Peru, where ayahuasca has been a part of rainforest life for centuries, it is not unusual for a special diet to be followed before drinking the herbal tea. This includes avoiding fatty and spicy foods, as well as caffeine and citrus foods, and even abstaining from sex both prior to and subsequent to an ayahuasca ceremony.

Phentermine: Your Good Partner in Regaining Self-Confidence and Dating Success

For all people, food is essential to live. This is where our body gets the energy it needs. However, wrong food selections can create weight problems in the long run. Unhealthy foods will possibly lead to health issues and people will likely experience physical and psychological issues. If you’re currently experiencing weight gain problems, then take phentermine. Through this supplement, you are sure to gain back the self-confidence you once lost because of too much weight. This is a hunger controller that will make you feel less hungry, and it as well boosts your metabolism.
Dating is such a big problem for obese people. This is because they don’t feel good about their physical looks. It is a sad truth that in dating, self-confidence takes on a significant role. First impression lasts, and this includes how you look physically in a date. Having attractive looks is an easy way for a person to be valued. Connected to that, you may consider taking phentermine as it is written here. This is, if you’re overweight but is searching for someone to date and ultimately spend the rest of your life with.
You’ll regain self-confidence with the aid of Phentermine. No need to visit the gym for a workout or starving yourself with different kinds of diet since with this supplement, you’ll be able to achieve your desired shape in no time. But, this will provide amazing and quicker results when used along with diet and exercise. A date that is exciting and fun will be experienced once you take this diet pill. Through this pill, you will come out even more confident in finding the perfect individual to be with for life. What’s more? It’ll be simpler for you to find a date which will eventually become as your lifetime partner.
Feeling better in yourself adds a lot to your success in dating. It’s time to remove those fats and extra weight and be admirable by taking phentermine.

News For This Month: Holidays

How to Vacation in Paris and Feel Like a Local Are you planning a vacation anytime soon? Do you have a destination in mind already? There are countless tourist destinations. And that is just in this country. But the possibilities are nearly limitless if you consider traveling the world. However, some locations are just more popular than others. Paris is one of the most popular locales in the world. So let me talk to you about vacationing in Paris. Chances are you already know the top reasons for visiting Paris. The Eiffel Tower is unique and is one of the world’s most recognizable landmarks. The Louvre is well known too. In general, the architecture and atmosphere are just classy. Paris is also considered a very romantic location. Imagine you and your special someone at a small cafe ordering food in another language. Of course, you can visit palaces, amusement parks, and other attractions as well. You don’t have to worry about running out of things to do. Now let me give you some options when it comes to where to stay. If you like hotels, there are plenty of five star options to choose from. They may be expensive, but they are elegant and you will be pampered. If you are not a city person, you can rent cottages that aren’t in the middle of the hustle and bustle. This is a quiet and cozy option, but still leaves you close to the attractions. But if you really want to feel like a true Parisian, I am going to suggest something different. Stay at a holiday apartment.
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What are holiday apartments, exactly? It is essentially a normal apartment that you can rent for your trip. Many places do this to rent out rooms to tourists. Why would you want to do this? First, it will be much cheaper than staying at a top of the line hotel. Second, you will have a fully functioning apartment. This means you will have multiple rooms, a full kitchen, multiple bathrooms, and plenty of space. While this is not the fanciest option in the world, it is comfortable and affordable. You can live like you normally would, but do it in the middle of Paris.
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If you like this option, just do a search online for holiday apartments in Paris. You can usually find multiple websites that let you make reservations in advance. You can browse all the places that have apartments for rent. Just be sure to take your time and find something you’ll like. You can pick how close you are to the big attractions. How much money can you spend on an apartment? Also, it is wise to read any reviews of the apartments you are considering.

Exclusive Ukrainian Programming Only On Dish Network

With the advent of Satellite television and the coming of DISH Network in the scenario of Satellite TV providers, everything has got a sea change. It has actually brought a new concept of television watching. High quality audio and video output, affordable packages, exclusive add on services has made DISH Network the fastest growing Satellite TV provider in United States.

In the past few years, the heartland of United States has turned out to be the second home for foreigners who have settled down in large numbers. Although they have thronged the soil of United States it is needless to say that they miss their native culture and tradition to a great extent. In order to stay in touch with their own culture they go desperate to catch a glimpse of their culture and society. In such a scenario if they land into something that provides fresh new programs in their original mother tongue they consider themselves to be lucky.

In situations like this, DISH Network has come forward to meet these demands of the foreigners residing in United States. DISH Network has introduced more than one hundred and seventy channels in international programming in more than twenty eight languages. So if you are looking for some exclusive Ukrainian programs, then just look nowhere, just subscribe to DISH Network and you will definitely get the best in entertainment. Be it sports, music, movies or the latest happenings you will get the best of everything only on DISH Network.

You must be thinking that the packages will be very expensive, but in reality it is not so. The Ukrainian packages of DISH Network are very affordable. The channels come in hi-fi digitalized mode with superior audio and video output. Added to this, DISH Network offers other services too. The DVR receiver of DISH Network helps you to record your favorite programs so that you can watch them at your convenient time.

Now let us a quick look at the attractive Ukrainian packages of DISH Network

Ukrainian: Inter+

This channel is aired live from Ukraine which offers exclusive programs in both Ukrainian and Russian languages. It offers 9 daily news programs that cover all the local events of Ukraine as well as latest news around the world. For the best in family entertainment this package is the ultimate choice. You can watch variety of programs like movies, talk shows, games, music, and kids programs in Russian and Ukrainian language. The price of this package is less that $20 per month.

So do not waste any more time. Call your nearest DISH Network dealer and get a subscription of DISH Network avail this superb and exciting package on Ukrainian programming. You will never miss your home again, even if your miles away for your mother land. You will get the feeling of being in your own mother land, the moment you switch on your television. With the exclusive and affordable prices, you will definitely get the best of entertainment only with DISH Network.

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A Costa Rica Adventure for the Newly Weds Costa Rica has an excellent seaside town known as Puerto Viejo Costa Rica. Not only do you get the perfect view of the sea but also have the best time of your life with the fun that the place can offer. It’s not surprising therefore, how it has gained a number of followers and was named as the most popular tourist travel destination and particularly for the newly weds who want to have an enjoyable honeymoon. Everything you ever dreamed of a Caribbean adventure is right here: clean and crystal waters, great swimming adventure, kayaking and other water sports. But of course, there are also restaurants that are Jamaican-inspired. Puerto Viejo is at a distance of 210 km to get to San Jose. The good thing about this coastal town is also the nearness it has to the best tourists attractions in Costa Rica and some of which are: Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge and Cahuita National Park. With the variety that it can offer, many choose to travel here rather than the more traditional and common honeymoon destinations. For the sports lovers and enthusiasts who only wish to spend their vacations kayaking then that can be possible; simply book for kayaking packages and trips to get the best that costa rica has to offer. What’s god about the country is that it’s guaranteed to be free from tropical storms and hurricanes and that can make any traveler feel secure and relieved upon traveling. You can choose to go any time of the year without having to worry if you will be stranded for a while there.
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The view of coconut tress lines and dotted together in the coastal line itself is a majestic view; it even extends to the length of Panama’s border. The view may even be surreal to look at, as if you were only staring at a photograph or a painting.
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The country is also rated and renowned as one of the best surfing destinations in the whole world. It is right in the heart of Puerto Viejo that the biggest and tallest waves can be seen, where surfers love to take in the challenge of riding these waves. Surfing and taking on active sports are becoming popular among young couples most especially; instead of the usual romantic dates together, a fun adventure trip in Costa Rica can make more memorable and fun moments indeed. It’s not only a place for surfing competitions but may work with people who are only beginning and simply want to have fun with surfing.

Australian Aboriginal Art Exhibited by Internationally Renowned Aboriginal Artists

The beauty of art goes beyond time and space. It doesn’t discriminate on race, age, gender, language or culture. This is very true with Australian Aboriginal art. The traditions of the Indigenous Australians are colourfully blended and interwoven into striking strokes to convey a rich culture. What makes Australian Aboriginal art very rewarding is how the Aboriginal people have shared their long artistic traditions with the non-Indigenous society. Aboriginal art is a creative revelation of their past, life, culture and tradition. The very distinctive mark of contemporary Aboriginal art is the presence of their traditional symbols, which use conventional designs that have cultural or religious significance or power.

The Butler Goode Gallery Exhibits Australian Aboriginal Artists/b>

The indigenous behaviour, beliefs, rituals and life are all told in a story that only art can express. The Butler Goode Gallery believe in the importance and depth of this artistic expression, that’s why they exhibit the enriching and captivating world of Aboriginal art in their gallery. They boast a diverse portfolio of artwork painted by up-and-coming and well-established artists. Here are some of the amazing artists featured in their gallery:

Anna Petyarre
Commenced painting in the early 1980s
Included in various art collections in galleries and museums in Australia and other private and corporate collections in USA, Germany, Denmark, Poland and Italy
Joined art exhibitions around Australia and in USA and France
Barbara Weir
Daughter of the late famous Aboriginal artist Minnie Pwerle
Commenced painting in 1989
Developed a sophisticated contemporary painting style
Travelled to Indonesia to learn batik techniques
Travelled to Europe to exhibit her artworks
Included in various art collections in galleries and museums in Australia, The Netherlands
Joined art exhibitions in Australia, Singapore, Korea, USA and countries in Europe
Charlie Tjapangati
Senior Papunya Tula artist; one of the leading Papunya Tula Pintupi artists whose artworks are sought by collectors worldwide
Chris Wirriimbi Edwards
Descendant of the Gumbaynggir people
Developed a unique style of painting where he mixes sand from a sacred beach in Nambucca Heads with modern materials like acrylic paint
His artwork is deeply spiritual
His unique approach to depth and form has made him one of Australia’s most sought after emerging Aboriginal artists
Dorothy Napangardi
Featured in exhibitions throughout Australia, USA and Europe, where she is regarded as one of the leading artists of the contemporary Aboriginal art movement
Highly sought after by both collectors and curators worldwide
Won the Best Painting in European Media in the 8th National Aboriginal Art Award in 1991 and other awards in various art exhibitions
Featured at The Australian Council; the Linden Museum in Stuttgart, Germany; and Kelton Foundation in Santa Monica, USA
Emily Kame Kngwarreye
Her first solo exhibition of paintings on canvas was in 1990 at Coventry Gallery, Sydney
Her pure talent with colour gave her instant recognition from art critics and collectors
Awarded the Australian Artists Creative Fellowship by the Australian Federal Government
Her paintings are permanently displayed in public galleries
Showcased in many exhibitions worldwide
These artists and many others continue to bring forth “Dreamtime”-inspired Aboriginal art throughout Australia and into the world. Aboriginal art will never fade because The Butler Goode Gallery will ensure that well-established and emerging Aboriginal artists get to exhibit their work for collectors and art enthusiasts worldwide. —The Butler Goode Gallery exhibits and sells exclusive art work from Australia, the UK, Europe and the rest of the world, including European Art and Australian Aboriginal Art. Butler Goode also offers expert art consultancy services to ensure the art you purchase matches your needs.